Jodi Lynn DePriest

is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Chef, and Personal Trainer, NASM, CES.  She is the owner of JLDFIT which is located in Gilbert, AZ. She has been in the Health and Wellness Industry for 10 years and has seen changes in our fast pace life and it’s negative affects on the body.  

Holistic Nutrition includes involving Energetic Complimentary Therapies which is how the dream of The Full Elemental Retreats was born.  Addressing the body as a whole promotes homeostasis and encourages the body to do what it’s designed to do best…Heal itself.

She Energetically teaches how our emotions cause physical sensations in our body. She educates how to recognize hunger, cravings and appetite.  Learning to listen to the body it’s a learned skill.  Knowing what to look for, symptoms and signs and discovering “Why” we eat she believes is more important than counting calories. She teaches how food affects our moods, what is in food, combinations of foods, healthy meal preparation methods and how these foods affect our brain and nervous system.  She designs programs tailored to each individual based on Environment, Weight loss goals, Cellular Detox and Cleansing, Physiology issues, Biochemical misalignments, Myofascial work and Acidic Cellular Environments.  

She can work with you to design a treatment plan to achieve and sustain results using whole foods and supplements, education and a whole lotta love and support.

You can learn more about her on her website



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